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Building Leaders and Creating Memories

Students to Stewards Leadership for Life Day!

April the 7th was a day filled with celebration.  Childersburg Elementary students were able to share with parents, community members and other educators their leadership and stewardship throughout the 2015-2016 school year.  Tours provided visitors with a first hand look at school-wide, grade group, classroom and individual student data.  They were also treated to a brief synopsis of each club at CES and the stewardship that has taken place during club time.  The student lighthouse team brought everyone together at the closing ceremony and awarded the student selected "Leaders of the Month" and led special music selections from various school groups.  

Growing Leaders.......CES Career Day

Helicopters, Ladder Trucks, Water Patrol and that was just outside of CES.  Open the doors and you were met by animal groomers, physical therapist, police officers and several other community professionals.  We want our students to learn about the multitude of careers that they can become as their leadership grows.  Ask them what their favorite career area was?


We celebrated our first Club Day Friday, April 10.  Clubs include "Let's Click It", "Tech BFFs",  "BEAR",  "Sunshine", "Dirt Rocks", "Oh, the Places We Will Go", "Tree Huggers", "2 Fit 2 Quit", and "Smartie Artie's".  Everyone had a blast!  Our next Club Day will be Friday, May 8. We can't wait!

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